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Woke up at 5:30am this morning, saw the boy off to school. Then went out to the back yard, before it got too hot out, and hoed down the trees and plants that were trying to sprout back up since the recent tree removals (don't want 'em growing AGAIN... damn catalpas are hard to eliminate). After that, came inside, started a pot of coffee to brew, then hopped in the shower. Then shaved. Then gathered up the laundry. Gonna have two loads worth. First load currently in the dryer, second in the washer. Then washed the few dishes that were sitting next to the sink. Then fixed a mug of coffee and sat down in here in front of the computer. Rebooted computer (like to do that every couple of days). Going out in a few minutes to check both my mailbox and moms.

After the laundry is done, unless a job calls me, I don't plan on doing another damn thing "work" wise the rest of the day, if I can avoid it... another 100F high predicted for today!

Oh, and LJ has been having a few "sluggish" issues again this morning...
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