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When I got back this morning from putting in applications at a couple convenience stores I saw running "help wanted" ads in the paper yesterday, my driveway was blocked by a water company truck. The guy quickly moved the truck, so I could get in. He said he was replacing the valve on the water meter, because the meter reader reported it had sprung a leak. I thought when I was out there the other day, the ground felt kind of moist around the meter, but since the meter is located in a hole in the ground with a concrete lid on it, I just assumed it was full of water from these rains we've been getting. Guess I was mistaken!

I wish these damn telemarketers would quit calling here! I don't pick up the phone when they call, but it's still getting aggravating! I can tell it's a telemarketer when the caller ID reads "Out Of Area" and dosen't list a phone number. Also, if it was something important by slim chance, they would leave a message on my answering machine! They have already called 5 times before noon today!
I'm going to start picking the phone up starting April 1st though, to find out who is calling. The state recently put into law a "Do Not Call" program, and it takes effect April 1st. Before a telemarketer can legally call anyone in the state, they have to buy a $400 "Do Not Call" list from the state. I've already put my number on that list. If they call after April 1st, I can report them, and they will get fined $2500!

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