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High There...

Looks like the house painters are finally putting the finishing touches on the paint, after beginning the job Thursday. Took so long, because they had to pressure wash and scrape a lot of old, peeling paint from parts. The house hasn't had a "proper" outside paint job in around 25 years, so it was in pretty bad shape. After two coats of paint around the window sills the past couple of days, they have re-mounted the aluminum storm windows, which I'm glad of, because excess heat was leaking into the house, and the air unit was having a hard enough time "keeping up" with this excessive heat as it was!

Also, because the windows had to be left in the "up" position a few times, until the paint dried, some gnats and mosquitoes got into the house. I've developed a few overnight "bites" as a result.

It'll be nice when the paint odor finally goes... the fumes have had me feeling a bit "trippy" the past week...
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