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In and Out Fast

Just returned from the Department of Motor Vehicles to get my drivers license renewed. Didn't take NEAR as long as I thought it would. I walked in, took a number. Four people waiting to be called ahead of me. Got called in around 15 minutes. Actual license renewal took less than 5 minutes, including getting the new license. Paid the fee, electronically signed a digital display, then a piece of paper, got my photo snapped, couple minutes later got the card, and left. The guy didn't even bring up a vision test, which I thought was unusual. Only actual question he asked was if my address was current. New license still has my "old" weight from 8 years ago on it (renewed four years ago by mail)... I'm about 20 pounds heavier now.

Not complainin' though... good to get in and out of the DMV in a quick manner!
Tags: dmv, drivers license
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