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To Dish, or Not To Dish... THAT is the question...

Andrew told me once he could live without Dish Network, since he spends more time online anyway. Only things keeping ME on Dish is Bill Maher, Keith Olbermann, True Blood, Boardwalk Empire, American Pickers, and Pawn Stars, plus the ocassional movies on the movie channels. Apart from those shows, I could live without it also. My two favorite late night shows, David Letterman and Craig Ferguson, and my three favorite news shows, NBC Nightly News, Dateline NBC, and 60 Minutes, can be picked up with the old fashioned roof antenna, along with new network favorites "Harry's Law" and "Body of Proof" for free.

I can wait for DVDs or Blu-rays of True Blood and Boardwalk Empire to watch them, but might be a limited market for release of the other shows, even though I know "American Pickers" is out on DVD. In other words... I'm conflicted as to whether I'd suffer "withdrawl" by dropping the Dish.

What is turning me OFF of most "cable" channels is they are straying from their original formats. Even BBC America no longer lives up to its name, by not hardly showing ANYTHING BBC, or actually from England for that matter! I mean... Star Trek:The Next Generation?? WTF?? I watched them when they showed British comedies and Eastenders, but haven't watched them since! Even when National Geographic Channel had a "free preview", my mom, who doesn't normally have it in the package she subscribes to, said "Why the f**k is National Geographic Channel showing non-stop "Lock-up" shows, instead of nature and space stuff?!?"

At the moment, I'm not in front of the TV... listening to "The Tim Conway, Jr. Show" on online instead. Not CRAP to watch on Dish!
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