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New 'puter for the boy...

Andrew has been complaining for quite some time now about how his laptop struggles with "Flight Simulator" and "World of Warcraft". Well, yesterday, he, me, and my mom piled in her car and drove over to "Best Buy" to get him an early birthday gift, a new, more powerful desktop PC. So far, he says it is making a HUGE difference in the performance of those games over what his laptop was doing.

When it was scanned at the store, it was $140 cheaper than the price listed on the website, because it was on "clearance". That's good.... However, that made it $10 cheaper than the new desktop I bought for myself around this time last year, which doesn't have quite the processing power his does. Doesn't really matter much though, since I don't "game", and this one does video/audio processing just fine.

It was nice and sunny when we walked into "Best Buy", but half an hour later, when we left, it was raining cats and dogs! When we got home, which is across the river, it hadn't rained a DROP here! Go figure!
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