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Stumpy, "Found" Money, and other ramblings...

The tree cutters that we hired to remove the bulk of trees from the acre last week must not be in a huge hurry for their money. The job is finished, except for the grinding down of the stumps, yet they haven't arrived to do that yet. No money was paid upfront, so they won't get paid until the job is completed. Either they are very busy, or they are just taking their time...

In other news, apparently there was a paycheck from Wal-Mart that I didn't get after they gave me the boot. Got a form in the mail today to fill out for "unclaimed funds" in the amount of $154.94. Just need to enclose a copy of my drivers license as proof of identity, before September 30th.

Been another hot, humid day here in the south. After I got home from the job searching, took a cool shower. Sittin' here trying to stay cool, in a pair of shorts, and a fan aimed right at me. There's a 60% chance for rain later this evening... goodness knows we NEED some!

Andrew is in his room gaming, as usual. He's trying to talk my mother into getting him a desktop computer to play games on, for his upcoming birthday, to replace the laptop he is currently using for that purpose.
Tags: computers, money, tree removal, weather

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