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Tree Cutters here shortly

Just received a call from the tree service, they said they should be here in an hour and a half or so to start on the removal of the trees. Just in case anyone is "curious" about the work being done, I've pointed a webcam out the front and back windows. The back window is pointed toward where MOST of the trees will be removed, and will also be streaming (if and my laptop wifi holds up). The front cam will be refreshing at the usual 20 second interval. Only tree removals that I can't angle a cam towards are the few on the left side on the house. No window close enough.

EDIT: It's nearly 4pm, and the tree cutters haven't shown up YET or phoned. I'm assuming this late in the day they will wait until tomorrow morning, so shutting down the camera with the backyard view until then.
Tags: tree removal, webcams

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