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So long catalpas!

Got two estimates for getting that line of catalpa trees my dad planted in the early 1970's in the back yard removed. He originally planted them to sell the worms that are attracted to the trees to fishermen driving down the road to the lake. Today, however, they are just a nuisance... something extra to mow around! Also gonna get two cedar trees in the yard removed, but not the big one in the front yard.

First guy that came out, was a guy advertising in the newspaper... named Poole. He had no "real" tree removal equipment, just his pickup truck, and estimated at a whopping $8000 to remove the 10 catalpas and the two cedars, and to grind the stumps, but said he'd have to call someone else to do the high stuff and the hauling off of debris.

Next two guys were more reasonable. They work for "Ouachita Tree Service", have all the proper equipment they need, and gave a quote of only $2800 for the job. Needless to say, THEY will be getting the business!

Needing to get the trees close to the house removed so the house can be repainted for the first time in about 20 years before summer is over!

In other news, it's 9:20pm, Andrew is still asleep. His hours get all "wonky" during the summer. He was up all last night, went to bed around 1pm this afternoon.

Also, noticed a "spam follower" uptick in Twitter earlier today, blocked them as I've noticed them, now the site is "buggy". No new tweets for the past hour, and my "Following" and "Followers" are both registering as "0". Not the first time that has happened.

Also noticing today a sudden uptick of spam emails in my Yahoo Pro email account. Normally clean of spam, gotten 15 messages (most sent twice) in the past few hours. What up wid dat?
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