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Apparently, he'll believe ANYTHING...

Shortly after waking up this morning, Andrew came into the kitchen while I was getting my first cup of coffee and said he wanted to start saving those pull-tabs off the soft drink cans. I asked why, and he said he was talking to a "friend" last night online, and they supposidly told him they got $200 for a gallon of them. I told Andrew that was impossible, because if aluminum was THAT expensive, a twelve-pack of cola would cost around $50 as a result.

Realistically, it would take YEARS in this house to collect enough to fill a gallon jug, and then at most, he'd see about $5.00 for the effort... not worth it in my opinion. Need to show him this article when I get the chance...

"A gallon is about 3,450 tabs (weigh in at 2 pounds 3.88 ounces) to 4,720 tabs (weigh in at 3 pounds 1.88 ounces). Aluminum prices vary from location to location (as low as 55 cents a pound, to as high as $1.00 per pound), so your minimum would be $1.23, your maximum would be $4.72."

His so-called "friend" is delusional...
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