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When I awoke this morning, the internet was down completely. The "Power", "LAN" and "ADSL" lights on the modem were on, but the "Internet" light was completely dark. Called the ISP, they had me reboot the modem (which I had tried twice before calling them), still no "Internet".

After running a line test, they suggested I bring the modem in, so they could have a look at it, so I did. Nothing wrong with the modem, and the "Internet" light came on in their office.

Sooo... I bring the modem back home, plug it in, STILL no "Internet". I call the ISP back. After being on hold a while, the woman said there was some kind of "outage", scheduled to end at 9:45am tomorrow morning! I thought "Argh... Andrew's NOT gunna be a happy camper when he gets up and finds he can't play his online games!"

So, I go out to retrieve the laundry from the dryer. While folding the laundry, I hear an email arrive. Came into the 'puter room to check, and sure enough, the "Internet" light was on, and pages were again loading.

Just hopefully it'll STAY on for a while...
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