TV Nerd Alert

Re-watching the 1990 series "The Bradys". Maybe I'm overthinking a few things. Mike and Carol discover the house will have to be demolished because of a highway being built through the neighborhood. They decide to have the house moved to a new location instead. Now... the house was apparently on a slab, with a lot of stonework inside. That alone should have proven a HUGE snag in having it moved. Also, when it was being trucked down the street, in the frontal view, only the lower floor is seen, not even a roof. The sky is visible just barely above the front door. Yet, in the side view, the stairs and upper level is clearly seen.

Another "also"... When Mike is running his campaign for city councilman, they have a bank of phones set up IN THE HOUSE. For a short campaign, seems having THAT many lines run would have been hugely expensive. Then again, once, in the original series, they had a pay phone installed in the family room.

The first three episodes of "The Bradys", they opted, in my opinion correctly, to NOT have a laugh track. By the fourth episode, a laugh track is abruptly added. Seems they didn't know which direction they wanted to take the series. The show on the DVD set has not had any remastering done, even though the main parts of the show were shot on film, only the credits in the opening/closing titles processed on video. The entire series on the DVD set uses inferior broadcast quality tape masters, even see some video skew in a couple episodes.

Not sure why I'm getting so "nitpicky" in my old age. It IS just "The Brady Bunch" after all, NOT a DaVinci painting. One could never take the original or later series seriously... except maybe for the variety hour. 😛
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Hey, Not EVERYONE Can Do "Apps"

Mom's insurance sent her a new glucose meter today. It's some "fancy" thing with a touch screen that requires an "app" to be fully functional. As a result, she won't have much of a use for it.

Since I don't use mine as often as I should, I'll just let her use mine when she wants to test her sugar levels. Mine is a simple meter, no touch screen, just a screen with a digital readout for the levels.

Coverage Denied

Looks like it will be longer before I find out what is causing the bad pains in my left arm. I had a MRI scheduled for Friday, but got a call this morning saying it was canceled, because Medicaid denied coverage for it. The hospital is contacting Medicaid about the issue.

Even Mo' Doctor Updates

At the doctors today, I got a shot, got prescribed a different pain medicine for the pain in my left arm (since the previous one did nothing), and got scheduled to have a MRI on July 10th. Doctor said the previous x-rays showed a bit of arthritis in the shoulder area.

Long Lost Loves

Tomorrow is Barbara's birthday. "Who is Barbara?" you may ask yourself. Well, Barbara was my "first love". We met as classmates in elementary school, and were "on again / off again" for several of our early school years (old classmates of mine MAY know who I'm referring to). I still think of her regularly after all these decades.

The last time I saw her was a few months after my divorce in 1997. She unexpectedly knocked on my door late one evening. I'm guessing she might have seen the divorce notice which was printed in the local newspaper. I was living alone at the time, it was before mom retired from her job and I moved her in with me, so she could rent her trailer out for extra income, and Andrew was with the ex in Baton Rouge.

We talked a while to do some "catching up", since we hadn't seen each other in ages. When she was getting ready to leave, she gave me an intimate kiss. Well, as you might guess, that lead to her staying a couple hours longer. A few days later, she showed up again.

After that second time, she stopped showing up or contacting me. I found that a huge disappointment, because, even though she was married, I was hoping she would at least become a regular "friend with benefits". As of this writing, that last visit from her was the last time I've been "intimate" with someone.

That would never happen now however, since because of mom and my son living here, there is a lack of "privacy" for the most part. If I had a lady visitor, they would have to show up after 8:00pm (the time mom goes to bed for the night), and we would have to do all our "visiting" in the back of the house, since my son's room is in the front part of the house.

From time to time, I do searching on social media for her, but as far as I can tell, she has no online presence whatsoever. I will never forget her however.
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Mom Visited Uncles Yesterday

Mom went out yesterday and visited with two of my uncles (her brothers). Uncle Barrett has been having heart issues, recently had a pacemaker put in. Uncle Floyd was recently diagnosed with cancer of the spine. Mom says Uncle Floyd is looking bad, and has lost a lot of weight, down to around 120 pounds. He was never very big to begin with. He is refusing to get chemotherapy.

She has already lost two other brothers due to cancer and heart issues. She was diagnosed with breast cancer back in the early 1990's, but survived it since they caught it early, after a single mastectomy. She is the oldest out of her siblings.