No "Greens" They Told Me

Well, unless they are "puréed". Doctor told me this after my esophageal dilation procedure on Wednesday. When they ran the scope, they saw some of the collard greens I had eaten the day before still in my esophagus. Apparently, foods of that type take longer to digest, and since my esophagus tract doesn't contract like it did before the surgery after food goes down, some foods, like greens, oranges, etc. tend to reflux back upwards into the esophagus more than other foods.

I LOVE greens though. Because of that fact, I'll probably STILL eat them, just not as close to the time of my monthly procedures. Maybe they'll be non-the-wiser.

A Doctor A Day...

You KNOW you have too many doctor visits when you get home from one, like I did yesterday, only to have a message on your answering machine telling you what time to be at the hospital the next day for your monthly procedure.

I'll be leaving shortly for that procedure. Also, my primary care doctor thinks the nearly constant coughing I've been having may be sinus related, instead of procedure related. He said I had fluid build-up behind my right ear, so he prescribed some meds for it. With those two new ones, at least for now, that is SEVEN pills I'll be taking daily.

Twitch, You Rotten Bastards

Seems Twitch is beginning the "phase out" of their grandfathered Roku channel. Currently takes around half an hour for the app to load now. Unfortunately, there are a couple live podcasts I watch that ONLY use Twitch (Shows on "Diamond Club-Night Attack" and "FrogPants Studios" ) , and I prefer watching on the television, with chat on desktop.

Even a two-monitor set-up would solve the problem, since I could shove the video full screen in the second monitor, but alas, no money for a second monitor...OR the larger desk which would be needed to accommodate two monitors. :-(

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Yet Another Silly Random Question

Have you ever been somewhere and THINK you see someone you know, but since you haven't seen them "in person" for ages (just in Facebook photos), you aren't sure it's them, so you don't bother saying "Hi" to be on the safe side?

Happened to me earlier this afternoon.
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More "Mystery" Photos

Going through old photos. Not sure of the origin of this one. Dad standing outside a TV station, from a Bing search appears it was in in El Paso Texas, in June 1961, if the date to the right of the photo is correct. It was before he met mom, so asking her might not yield any more info...


Videophile Rant

i've said it before, and I'm saying it again. I REALLY hope, now that Disney owns the Fox library, they will eventually get around to remastering "The Bob Newhart Show". The prints on Hulu are TERRIBLE. The episode I just watched from season six, "Carlin's New Suit", suffered not ONLY from a washed out, blurry image, it also had a low "popping" sound throughout the soundtrack, and in the last three minutes or so, the film stabilization was off. The picture was weaving back and forth worse than a drunken sailor!

The "20th Television" logo at the very end was pristine however.
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Stuck With Symptoms

Went to the appointment my primary care doctor set up for me with a cardiologist at the hospital this afternoon. As I predicted, no issues with my heart. The cardiologist pretty much agrees with the surgeon who did my esophagus surgery last December and does the monthly esophageal dilations, that the occasional lightheadedness, rapid heartbeat, overly bright blown out vision I get sometimes after eating, is an effect of "dumping syndrome", which isn't unusual after that type of surgery, and not much can be done to fix it.

Guess I'm stuck with it. Bad thing though, like today, since it's unpredictable when I'll get those symptoms, if I have somewhere I need to go on a certain day, as a precaution, I don't eat that day until after I get home. Today, as a result, my first bite to eat all day was nearly 3:30 in the afternoon.