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Compatibility? Meh!

On "The Tech Guy" podcast, Leo Laporte was talking about how the Apple messaging system isn't compatible with the Android messaging system.

I've never used a phone to send/receive messages. Only use a phone for actual CALLS. If anyone needs to send me a "message", they'll have to use any program I might have on my Windows desktop.
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Safety First

Nasty storms moving through the area. Started hearing a steady, low "roaring" sound along with the thunder. As a safety measure, I muted the stream I was watching. Luckily, the "roaring" was a background sound effect of the engines on Star Trek Voyager. 🤪

Also, I re-upped my paid Livejournal for another year yesterday. Been here too long, can't seem to give it up, even though most of the people I met here have moved "elsewhere". :-)

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Taxes Done

Just finished filing this years taxes, not that I'm getting anything back, since I didn't pay anything in (no income for the year). The past several years, I had used the free H & R Block online service, but this year, at the end of doing the forms, they wanted a fee, no matter WHAT I selected, so I switched to the online TurboTax, which didn't try to charge me anything.

Since I had no income to report, or getting nothing back, as usual I had to print out my completed forms to mail back. Had to fight with the printer. Black ink was full, but not showing up on the paper. Turns out, I had to do a nozzle clean. I don't print very often. 🖨

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Rough Night

Worst night in ages. Kept having to get up and run to the bathroom, had another heaving up spell a little after midnight, and a little after 3am I woke up to hugely painful cramps in the calves of BOTH legs.

First time I recall ever getting cramps in both legs at the same time. They are still extremely sore as of the time posting this. 😕

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Terrible TV Show

I was in Big Lots yesterday. Looked through the DVDs/Blu-rays. Saw MULTIPLE copies of "Under the Dome: Season Three" on Blu-ray. NOBODY wants that steaming pile apparently.

Granted, I sat through it when it aired, hoping it'd improve. It was like watching a slow motion trainwreck. The first season was fine. It was all downhill from there.

Yet MORE Facebook Spam/Scams

Geesh. Woke up this morning, there were SIXTEEN "message requests" in Messenger, ALL from obvious spammers/scammers, seven of them saying they were sent from Instagram, which I've never used.

Between that, and the spam "Likers" and commenters on posts, Facebook is getting worse than the old Yahoo Messenger/forums used to be back in the day.
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Barium? Barely Know 'Em...

Today, I'll be drinking a solution to "clean me out". No solid food and only "clear" liquids all day today. Nothing at all after midnight. Early tomorrow morning, a barium enema at the hospital. They couldn't get the scope as far in as they wanted during my recent colonoscopy and they noticed small polyps, so this procedure is a follow-up to that. It was also postponed once due to the icy weather a few weeks ago. https://www.mayoclinic.org/tests-procedures/barium-enema/about/pac-20393008

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Bad Timing

Uncle Barrett just called and said Uncle Floyd passed away. Mom went to bed early since she was falling asleep in her chair earlier, so Uncle Barrett said to wait and tell her in the morning. He said he was heading over to Uncle Floyd's house after he hung up with me.

Mom is driving me to the hospital early in the morning for the surgical procedure on my arm. They won't do the procedure unless I have a driver. She also is scheduled for her first covid shot early tomorrow afternoon. Not sure how long my procedure will last, but her shot is at the same hospital, so if I'm not out of surgery yet, she can go to where she gets the shot, and come back to the waiting area.

Too many things are converging all in one day. ☹️

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