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Medical Wreck

This next month will be fun...NOT. Go to the hospital Monday for pre-op testing, which will more than likely include another covid test, which I have to get before any procedure. Then Wednesday, a "shoulder manipulation" procedure in the surgery department, to work on the worn rotator and torn muscles in my upper left arm.

Then on March 15th, I go in for a barium enema so they can take a closer look at the polyps they saw during the colonoscopy last month. They couldn't go as far in with the scope as they had wanted at the time.

Isn't quite time yet for another esophageal dilation procedure. I'm a medical WRECK. 😕

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Solved Mystery?

Part of a "mystery" solved I guess. The new flip phone I bought after Tracfone said the old one would stop working at the end of last month has been getting WAY more random calls and texts (and I NEVER use the text feature) than the old one did. During the winter storm, there were daily texts from Entergy on it. Got one today saying "power has been restored to 1103 Warren Drive, Lot 29".

So, apparently, whoever had the number previously which is now assigned to this phone, lives/lived on Warren Drive and had signed up for Entergy texts.

Shotty Memory

I'm starting to think I'm losing what little bit of mind I have left. This morning, after I woke up, I put a filter and coffee into the coffee maker and turned it on to brew, as I usually do. I then went to shower and shave, as I usually do. After finishing that, I went back to the kitchen to get my first cup of coffee for the morning, like I usually do.

Therein was where my morning routine hit a snag. I forgot to put freggin' WATER in the coffee maker. All I had was an empty, yet hot carafe. :-/
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More Things That Don't Apply To Me...

On the "GonnaGeek" podcast, they were doing a segment about home setups for video calls when working from home.

I've never had an "office" type job, so even IF I were able to work, the segment wouldn't apply to me. Heck, I can't even remember the last time I had a video call from anyone... which is a good thing, especially in the evenings, since I'm rarely "dressed" properly for it! 🤪

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Fake Facebook Friends

Getting another rash of those Facebook "Friend Requests" from sources using photos of young, scantily clad women with OBVIOUSLY fake names. Clicking "Dismiss" on all of 'em.

I'd hate to change my settings to where ONLY "Friends of friends" could send a request though. I might miss a request from someone I ACTUALLY knew in the past or a recent acquaintance.

Rare Bedroom Photo

There was a question on "Ask Reddit", "What celebrities were on posters you had on your bedroom walls growing up?". As you can see from this old photo of my bedroom in 1977, I just MIGHT have been a bit odd, even back then...

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Shoulda Kept The OLD Number

Thinking I should have ported the old Tracfone number to the new Tracfone I had to buy a couple months ago, since the old phone would soon stop working, instead of just using the number which came with the new one. Getting tons of spam calls (AND texts...and I don't even USE that function) on the new one. 

Got woke up night before last by the phone making an alarm sound around 1:30am. It was a text Amber alert. I shut off ALL "alert sounds" after that. The cellphone would be the LAST place I'd notice any kind of alert anyway. I'm mostly in front of the desktop computer or TV. Every time an unknown call comes in, I hang up on it, hit "Block Number", and delete it. Only three other people HAVE the number for that phone. 😡


How Should I Know??

Every so often when I go in for various checkups at doctors, I get asked, "Do you snore loudly at night when sleeping?".

I always tell them I have NO idea. Since I'm asleep, I wouldn't hear myself, and no one else has been in the same room with me overnight in over 23 years to notice.