No Real Improvements

Seems I'm getting the dizziness/blown out vision more and more often after I eat something lately. Also, after showering this morning, and putting some laundry in the washing machine, I got totally out of breath and shaky. Also feeling weak in my right arm above the side of my chest where they had the drainage tube inserted after my surgery. I'll be bringing this up to the doctor when I go in for my next dilation procedure on the 18th.

Also, going to be around $45 short on bills this month so far.
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Double Dizzys

I may not be eating until later in the day after I get up tomorrow. Mom has an appointment with an ear, nose, and throat specialist in Monroe tomorrow afternoon to get her occasional dizzy spells seen about, and I'll need to drive her. I get dizzy/drowsy/light headed/blown out vision sometimes after I eat ever since my surgery (apparently a side effect of the "dumping syndrome" common after the type of surgery I had, nothing can be done about it, per the doctor), and wouldn't want to risk it happening while I'm behind the wheel.

On the bright side, I rarely eat anything before noon anyway. I get a bit nauseous if I try to eat too early.

Guess both mom and I are "falling apart" at the same time.

Things I Haven't Done In Over 20 Years

1) Went to see a movie in a theater.
Original Reason: After the divorce, no one to attend a movie WITH.
Current Reason: The same, plus I've become a cheapskate. Ticket prices and concessions are too damn HIGH these days.

2) Rented a home video. Last time I rented a movie, VHS was still the big format. If I can't see something on TV/streaming, I just live without it. If it's something I REALLY like, I buy the DVD/Blu-ray (when I can afford it).

3) Been on a date. I've been "burned" in relationships TOO many times. As a result, don't necessarily want any "commitments".

4) Had sex. Probably as a result of number three above. Wouldn't mind an occasional "friend with benefits" however (hint, hint). I thought the couple of times my first girlfriend from elementary school showed up at my door in 1997 after my divorce might have become a FWB, but after those two times, have yet to hear from her again. Sad thing though, with the medical issues I have going on, don't even know if I could even "hold up" long enough for that. Probably never find out.

5) Been out to eat in a restaurant.
Original Reason: After the divorce, no one to go out to eat WITH.
Current Reason: Same as original, PLUS, with the health related eating issues, it would take FAR too long to finish a plate now, so a "double whammy" in this case.

6) Been out of the state. Left the state occasionally when I was still married, by taking a shortcut through Mississippi when we'd visit the ex's mom in Baton Rouge, but that was about it. I HATE trips and long drives.

Guess I Can "Dream"

Random Thought: Sometimes I think I need a second desktop monitor, for those "pesky" FEW live video podcasts that aren't accessible via an app on the Roku so I can watch on the TV in the room while on the PC. Then again, a second monitor would require a bigger desk. Neither is affordable at the moment unfortunately.

Mo' Medical Updates

Just woke up from another couple hour nap. Since it hasn't been long since the last esophageal dilation to open my swallowing passage (next one scheduled December 18th), I treated myself to a Whopper with cheese. It went down fine, but a few minutes later my heart started racing again, got lightheaded, and vision went bright again, so had to lay down until it cleared up.

Had a followup with my primary care doctor yesterday, after the tests he had run a couple weeks ago. Breathing test and EKG looked normal, but he noticed the rapid heartbeat that was measured three times in the two days I wore the Holter monitor. Those happened, like today, after eating. I don't get the symptoms EVERY time after eating, just randomly. Breathing test was "normal" because I wasn't in the process of working around the house or taking long walks, the only times I get short of breath. The days I need to be somewhere and mom doesn't feel like driving, I just don't eat that day until I get home, to be on the safe side.

Primary care doctor said he talked to my surgeon at the hospital about those occasional symptoms after eating, and she told him it's likely tied in with the "dumping syndrome" a lot of people get after the type of surgery I have, and that not much can be done about it.
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Don't Use Google

Only reason I use Google Calendar is to integrate the schedules for various podcasts I watch into it, since it's the only calendar the podcasters use. Lately, LOTS of Russian spam has been showing up in it, no matter HOW MANY TIMES I mark the crap as "SPAM". Gmail sucks also, with all the email I get meant for other people. That's one reason I'll NEVER use it as my main email service.

Google just stinks in general.
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Close (No) Call

That was a close call. Accidentally dropped my cellphone after mom and I got home from town a couple hours ago. Back of the phone popped off and the battery popped out. Put it back together, NOTHING on the screen. Did some online research, had to do a "hard reboot" on it, which involved holding down the lower volume and PWR buttons at the same time.

Phone is now working again.

Damn, I'm OLD...

I'm feeling "old" again. I remember watching the show "Real People" on NBC back in the late 70's/early 80's when I was growing up. Had a bit of a "crush" on Sarah Purcell. Show was created by John Barbour, who was also one of the hosts. He's the guest on "Stu's Show" this evening, telling some GREAT stories about his life/career.. Almost didn't recognize him, since the TV show is still engraved into my memory. Then again, it's like that with actors from MOST of the shows I watched growing up. Of course, I'd find MYSELF unrecognizable today compared to myself back then!